The 19-week online curriculum includes:

U.S. History, eras 1-5 (up to the Civil War and Reconstruction), with mini-modules on economics and geography

English language study, including required weekly reading and writing exercises as well as optional ESL exercises

Arts in the U.S., which includes virtual field trips and activities reflecting the eras studied in the U.S. History module

U.S. literature, with readings reflecting the eras studied in the U.S. history module

Career counseling and interest inventories to determine future directions for the participants

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Online Environment

The Online Environment

Here are some of the advantages participants can expect from the online environment:

  • All participants can respond to feedback from instructors and fellow classmates and simultaneously share information.
  • Participant teams can access shared work to maximize learning benefit.
  • Instructors are drawn from UCLA Extension’s extensive pool of specially-trained online professionals.

In addition, each cohort is assigned a course manager who acts as an online concierge to provide high levels of service to ensure a rewarding and trouble-free educational experience. Participants can request help from a course manager assigned to every virtual classroom through an online chat, email, or fax. Course managers take an active interest in the participants’ learning experience by working closely with instructors to ensure a rewarding teaching experience.