Frequently Asked Questions: Interpretation & Translation

Who are our instructors?

Our instructors are leaders in the field of interpretation and translation, with decades of experience in all levels and types of work. They are court certified and work in state and federal courts, entertainment companies, commercial banks, governmental organizations, and law firms. In addition to being interpreters and translators, our instructors have professional backgrounds in law, economics, and business. Many represent respected professional associations and have lectured regionally, nationally and internationally on a broad range of interpretation issues.

Who are our students?

The majority of our students are working professionals who already hold bachelor’s degrees. They are interested in transitioning to a new career that offers the opportunity to practice their language skills and help others.

What opportunities are there for networking and professional development?

As part of every program, guest speakers visit the classes to share information with students about the profession and future job opportunities.

What does earning a certificate mean?

This prepares you to become a state certified interpreter, providing the foundation you need in language proficiency, interpretation/translation skills, and vocabulary.

How do I become a certified California court interpreter?

You must pass California’s Court Interpreter Certification Exam, administered by the state Judicial Council’s Court Interpreters’ Program. For more information, click here.

How much does the certificate cost?

The estimated total cost of certificate is $5,500.

When will I learn whether I have been accepted?

When you participate in the annual info session, you will be notified within a month.

You are expected to join the incoming year’s class in the summer quarter.

Where are classes held?

The Spanish/English program is held at UCLA Extension’s Lindbrook Center located in Westwood Village at 10920 Lindbrook Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90024 (Fall through Spring). The required summer law courses are offered on the UCLA campus and the recommended bilingual skills enhancement courses are offered at UCLA Extension’s Lindbrook Center.

Can I get financial aid?

These certificate programs do not qualify for federal financial aid. A limited number of Extension grants are available to students admitted to these programs. For further information, call the UCLA Extension Financial Aid Office at (310) 825-9601 or visit UCLA Extension Financial Aid.

This program is eligible for full tuition reimbursement through many Southern California Workforce Investment Boards. For more information about eligibility, rules and applications, visit UCLA Extension’s financial aid page and click on “Work Force Investment Act Training Dollars”.

You may be eligible for an educational tax credit for course fees paid to UCLA Extension. Consult the tax information in the general information section at the back of our quarterly catalog or visit UCLA Extension Tax Information.