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Freiclich Conference Scholars Program


To honor the lifework of Joanne L. Freilich, AICP, a cherished professional, colleague, and friend, UCLA Extension is proud to offer scholarships to recognize and extend her legacy. Joanne brought her dedication and expertise to UCLA Extension’s Public Policy Program for 15 years. She was deeply committed to ensuring that future generations of planners in the early stages of their careers would have opportunities to further their knowledge of the transactional nature of policy planning through the practitioner-led courses and conferences offered by UCLA Extension. She also recognized the critical need to explore broad, emerging issues and trends that shape our society. The establishment of the Joanne Freilich Scholarship Fund was first announced on January 28, 2005, at the 19th Annual UCLA Extension Land Use Law and Planning Conference, which was held in Joanne’s memory

UCLA Extension, with the generous support of the California Planning Roundtable, has established The Joanne Freilich Scholarship Fund to support the transition of the next generation of planners from a formal education program to the professional field. Eligible recipients include new professionals who are within one year of their graduation date from a planning and policy program or students who have completed their coursework and are ready to graduate. Individuals employed by nonprofit organizations in a relevant field also will be considered.

Applications require submission of a brief form, resume, transcript, and a single paragraph explaining your career goals and how this conference will support those goals. If you are interested in applying, email Joseph Blancas,, for more information.

*Applications are due December 1st 2017.

Hagman Conference Scholars Program

In memory of Donald G. Hagman (1932-1982)

Donald G. Hagman

The late Donald G. Hagman was a Professor of Law at UCLA from 1963 to 1982. Through his teaching, scholarly research and writing, and community activities, he made a sustained contribution to our thinking about the interrelationships that exist between development policy, property rights, planning, law, and environmental protection. His constant concern for fairness gave his work a special sensitivity. His style goaded those around him into addressing a wider set of concerns than is ordinarily possible given the constraints of day-to-day professional roles. Professor Hagman stimulated creative thinking about ways of using land, the proper functions of government in meeting social and environmental objectives, and about the relationships among citizens, developers and governments. He especially strove to provide better bridges between the academic and practitioner worlds, and between planners and attorneys in the realms of land use law and planning – these are goals always aspired to by this conference series.

During his career, Hagman created and conducted many continuing education programs in public policy, including collaborations with the UCLA Extension Public Policy Program. Following his unexpected death, UCLA Extension and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy convened several annual commemorative Hagman conferences (1983-1989) addressing subjects that were of keen interest to Mr. Hagman.

Program Overview

The Hagman Conference Scholars Program was introduced to our annual Land Use Law and Planning Conference series in the year 2000. The program was designed to encourage the participation of faculty members and students from Southern and Central California law schools and graduate planning schools at the conference. Due to the generous contributions from law firms and planning consultant firms, funds were raised to underwrite scholarships for eligible scholars to attend the conference. Thus, the regular enrollment fee of $595 is waived. Each sponsorship funds one professor and one student to attend the conference. This scholarship constitutes: admission to the conference lunch; refreshments, conference materials and the special Hagman Breakfast, prior to the conference. The goal of this program is that scholars will gain from interacting with the practicing professionals attending this conference, and conversely, that practitioners will become more familiar with the ongoing research, resources, and programs available at California’s prestigious universities.

Hagman Sponsors 

Over the years, the Hagman Conference Scholars Programhas received funding from a variety of firms. Because of these generous contributions, educators and students from law and planning schools spanning California are invited to attend our conference series, free of charge. Below is a list of those who have contributed over the last five years. If your organization is interested in sponsoring a Hagman Scholar, please contact us.

*There are no applications for this scholarship. Recipients are chosen by the Chairs of prominent planning and law universities.*