Birds of Southern California

Discover the unique, amazingly rich diversity of bird life in Southern California.

Photo credit: Dr. C. Yorke; Brown pelican in flight; La Jolla, CA; Jan. 2018

UCLA Extension offers two introductory courses (during Spring and Fall quarters) for the beginning ornithologist. Each of the Autumn Birds of Southern California and Spring Birds of Southern California classes consists of 3 on-campus lectures and 5 field trips. Learn about native bird species while you spend time in the beautiful and diverse biomes located in the Los Angeles-area.

Photo credit: Dr. C. Yorke,
Acorn Woodpecker (Melanerpes formicivorus); Napenthe, Monterey County, CA, Jan. 2015

During these classes you will:

  • Learn bird identification, behavior, distribution, ecology and conservation
  • Recognize 50 native species of birds associated with particular ecological communities in Southern California and describe their distribution, behavior, ecology, and conservation status
  • Maintain a personalized life-list of birds and a field notebook detailing your findings
  • Observe birds in the outer coast, riparian-freshwater marsh, chaparral, oak woodland, desert, and montane habitats

This course includes field trips, which involve easy-to-moderate walking for up to two-and-a-half hours, occasionally over uneven terrain. Students must arrange their own transportation to field locations in the Southern California region, including at least two field trips outside of Los Angeles County.



Photo credit: Dr. C. Yorke, Burrowing owl, Los Angeles County, CA, Oct. 2011

Instructor: Callyn Yorke, PhD

Spring Birds of Southern California

Autumn Birds of Southern California

Schedule: Please contact the Department of Humanities & Sciences for more information and future offerings: (310) 825-7093.