International Students

International students are welcome to take the Environmental Studies Certificate. Currently, however, all four courses are in the online format. Since international students must take at least 12 units every quarter to maintain F1 Visa requirements of which only one can be online, it is recommended that international students complete the Sustainability Certificate and Environmental Studies Certificate simultaneously, since Sustainability courses can be taken on-ground OR online. The Sustainability Certificate is comprised of 5 courses, while the Environmental Studies Certificate is comprised of 4 courses. Together, that is 9 courses: completing three courses each quarter for a total of three quarters fulfills the visa requirements and will earn you TWO CERTIFICATES in very related fields! That a great use of your time and money, as you will also be very prepared for any sustainability/environment job! This is a recommended schedule for American students as well! See below for a sample curriculum schedule:

Fall 2017

Winter 2018

Spring 2018

Principles of Sustainability I: Introduction (OG) Principles of Sustainability II: Current Issues and Case Studies (OG) Sustainability Capstone OR Internship (OG) (optional)*
Sustainability Elective (OG) Principles of Sustainability III: Stakeholders and Engaging Communities (OG) People and the Earth’s Ecosystems (OG)**
Climate Change, Energy, and the Environment (OL) Earth’s Physical Environment (OL) The Ocean Environment: An Ecosystem Environment (OL)
*This course is optional since you will have already completed the 5 sustainability requirements at this point (Climate Change, Energy and the Environment is both a required course for the Environmental Studies Certificate and an optional elective for the Sustainability Certificate). Taking the capstone and/or internship is highly recommended if you want to get a job in this field.
**Although currently all Environmental Studies Courses are planned to be offered online, it is expected People and the Earth’s Ecosystems will be offered both online and on-ground in Spring 2018, which aligns with international student requirements.

I-20/F1 Visa Students

It is recommended that students contact the International Student Office (ISO) prior to enrolling in either the Sustainability or Environmental Studies Certificates. To help orient and guide you throughout your stay in the United States and your studies at UCLA Extension, ISO counselors can assist you with the visa and immigration process.