Food Studies Certificate

New Certificate Program for Spring 2018!

Combat food issues. Empower our communities.

Food is integral in multiple aspects of life and plays a role in the operation of societies. With food security and environmental sustainability becoming increasing global concerns, there is an urgency to empower our communities with the ability to tackle these growing issues.

This program focuses on hands-on and applied learning, emphasizing real-world issues and provides students with a strong foundation to solve current problems. This multidisciplinary certificate is designed to give students the opportunity to investigate food issues and prepare them to address complex topics spanning food cultures and histories, nutrition and public health, food policy and food justice, urban planning, and agrifood systems and the environment.

Students who complete this certificate will be able to transform the businesses and communities in which they are housed by incorporating what they learn in the classroom to their community and local projects.

The curriculum consists of only 4 courses and is open to all students. Students are also immersed with UCLA graduate students in the required course, URBN PL XLC 216!


This certificate program will:

  •  Expose students to the interdisciplinary dimensions of food;
  •  Provide mechanisms for students in any discipline or from any profession to pursue interests in food studies;
  •  Connect students with researchers to open up avenues for change and personalize research projects.


Application Process:

Students must declare candidacy and pay the $200.00 to be accepted in the program. Candidacy can be established at any time.

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