journalism_hero_intLaunch an exciting career in today’s media with our Journalism certificate.

With countless media outlets delivering a 24/7 stream of news and information,journalism has become one of today’s fastest-changing professions. Reporters, photographers, editors, and bloggers are telling stories across platforms, via websites, blogs, social networking sites, and podcasts,not to mention traditional newspapers, magazines, and broadcast programs. A journalism career extends not just that responsibility, but provides a chance to experience the world unlike any other profession.

Learn to:

  • Develop writing and communication skills that appeal to your audiences across various streams of media.
  • Hone investigative and reporting techniques needed to develop and present concepts and ideas.
  • Master other important skills needed to succeed in today’s fast and constantly-changing media world.

Through a combination of coaching and structured guidance, the Journalism Program at UCLA Extension triples the possibilities to succeed.