Languages Programs

languages_hero_intLearn a Language–Open a Door!

To College Credits, Global Travel, Business Opportunities

Learn a second language and be prepared for today’s increasingly multicultural world! Acquire the skills to communicate more effectively on the job or in your travels.

Whatever your goals, UCLA Extension offers a diverse curriculum to help you:

  • Fulfill language requirements for a degree
  • Expand your business skills and increase your earning potential
  • Prepare for work or study abroad
  • Travel with confidence

Language studies at UCLA Extension offers:

  • Instruction from dynamic, native or native-level speakers
  • Expert instructors with decades of teaching experience
  • Convenient evening or Saturday courses on campus
  • Many online courses
  • $688-$798 flat fee for 9 to 11 weeks of instruction
  • UCLA commitment to high academic standards and quality instruction

Call (310) 825-7093 or email if you do not find the course you need.

Note: Not all courses are offered each quarter.

Transfer Credit

Courses with the “XL” designation are equivalent to undergraduate courses offered by the UCLA regular session on campus and are transferable for unit and subject credit toward a bachelor’s degree at all UC campuses.

Interpretation and Translation Certificate

We offer professional certificate programs for individuals who are both bilingual and fluent in English and Spanish or Chinese. For more information click here.